A list of html tags and their meanings

errr.... i'll reorganize this later... maybe

because html does not save spaces very efficiently I have opted to use the pre tag instead of having multiple &nbst tags in the code

all tags are of the form < x > ____text_____ < /x > the "/" represents the ending of the tag

< P >

 indicates a line or paragraph  

< Strong >

indicates an emboldening of the text enclosed 

< Pre >

 uses preformatted text and puts the text enclosed on a seperate line 

< Code >

 is similar to the pre tag but is inline and ignores all the enclosed code 

< Em >

 indicates an italicizing of the text enclosed 

< Br >

 indicates a line break in the text (br does not require an ending tag) 

< Title >

 is used to indicate the descriptive bar at the top of each page 


 is used to write in additional spaces in the html code... 1 space per tag... 
I chose pre over code to avoid having over 100 of these cluttering my document