Songs with Lyrics Beginning with 'And'

Songs I did, could or might have heard before ..


"Hold Your Head Up" (1972)

And if it's bad / don't let it get you down ..

Moxy Fruvous

"The Drinking Song" (1992)

And the band played on / as the helicopters whirred ..

Peter Gabriel

"And Through the Wire" (1980)

And through the wire / I hear your voice ..


"The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" (1974)

And the lamb lies down on Broadway / early morning Manhattan ..

Engelbert Humperdink

"And the Day Begins" (1979)

And I would surely love to love you / like the soft caress of sunshine touching lightly ..

Janis Ian

"Dance with Me" (1974)

And when the war was over / I went dancing in the streets ..

Elton John

"Goodbye" (1971)

And now that its all over / The birds can nest again ..

Led Zeppelin

"What Is and What Should Never Be" (1969)

And if I say to you tomorrow / take my hand, child, come with me ..

Paul McCartney

"My Love" (1973)

And when I go away / I know my heart can stay ..

Don McLean

"And I Love You So" (1970)

And I love you so / people ask me how ..

"Castles in the Air" (1971)

And if she asks you why / you can tell her that I told you ..

Meat Puppets

"Backwater" (1994)

And when I wake up in the morning / to feel the daybreak on my face ..


"I Would Do Anything for Love" (1993)

And I would do anything for love / I'd run right into hell and back ..

Van Morrison

"Caravan" (1970)

And the caravan is on its way / I can hear the merry gypsies play ..

"Glad Tidings" (1970)

And they'll lay you down low in the easy / and the lips that you kiss will say Christmas ..

Donny Osmond

"Puppy Love" (1972)

And they called it puppy love / Oh, I guess they'll never know ..

Wilson Phillips

"Goodbye, Carmen" (1992)

And her eyes are like skies that will rain / but there's work to be done, and she does not complain ..


"Closer to the Heart" (1977)

And the men who hold high places / must be the ones who start ..

Simon And Garfunkel

"Mrs. Robinson" (1968)

And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson / Jesus loves you more than you will know ..

Frank Sinatra

"My Way" (1969)

And now the end is near / and so I face the final curtain ..

Rebecca St. James

"Let My Words Be Few" (2002)

And I stand / in awe ..

Cat Stevens

"Fill My Eyes" (1970)

And in the morning / when you fill my eyes ..

Stone Temple Pilots

"Plush" (1993)

And I feel that time's a wasted go / so where ya going to tomorrow? ..


"Outside" (2001)

And you bring me to my knees again / all this time, that I can beg you please, yeah ..

The Sundays

"On Earth" (1992)

And she's walkin' on the edge of a knife / and she knows it's the death of her, Sarah ..

Talking Heads

"Once in a Lifetime" (1981)

And you may find yourself / living in a shotgun shack ..

"And She Was" (1985)

And she was lying in the grass / and she could hear the highway breathing ..


"A Sort of Homecoming" (1984)

And you know it's time to go / through the sleet and driving snow ..

"Walk On" (2001)

And love is not the easy thing / the only baggage you can bring ..

The Zombies

"Tell Her No" (1965)

And if she should tell you "come closer" / and if she tempts you with her charms ..

Songs I have most certainly never heard before ..

Bad Religion

"God Song" (1990)

And did those feet in ancient times / trod on america's pastuers of green ..


"The Temple" (2007)

And though the solitudes have won / I cannot begin to crave you ..


"Violet" (1995)

And the sky was made of amethyst / and all the stars look just like little fish ..

Joanna Newsom

"Only Skin" (2006)

And there was a booming above you / that night, black airplanes flew over the sea ..


"I Don't Wanna Be Learned I Don't Wanna Be Tamed" (1976)

And I don't wanna be learned / and I don't wanna be tamed..


"Jesus Christ Pose" (1991)

And you stare at me / in your Jesus Christ pose ..

Tub Ring

"Future Was Free" (2005)

And when the shift was over / and you tapped me on the shoulder for attention ..

Kanye West

"Runaway" (2010)

And I always find, yeah / I always find something wrong ..


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