Dave Greve's publications and collaborations

  • The Derivation of Analytic Design Equations for Built in Iddq Sensors, Master's Thesis, University of Illinois, 1993 thesis.ps.gz (276k)

  • Phase modulation technique for driving RMS responding liquid crystal displays, 1995, US Patent # 5726674

  • "Symbolic Simulation of the JEM1 Microprocessor", FMCAD-98 : Formal Methods in Computer Aided Design, Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1998. symbolic.ps.gz (67k)

  • "The World's First Java Processor" (with M. Wilding), January 1998. (Appears as "Stack-based Java a back-to-future step", Electronic Engineering Times, 12 January 1998) EETimes.ps.gz (21k)

  • "Efficient Simulation of Formal Processor Models" (with M. Wilding and D. Hardin), unpublished manuscript, 1998. efm.ps.gz (105k)

  • "Invariant Performance: A Statement of Task Isolation Useful for Embedded Application Integration" (with D. Hardin and M. Wilding), to appear DCCA-7: Dependable Computing for Critical Applications, 1999. ip.ps.gz (43k)

  • "Transforming the Theorem Prover into a Digital Design Tool: From Concept Car to Off-Road Vehicle" (with D. Hardin and M. Wilding), CAV-98: Computer-Aided Verification, Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science volume 1427, 1998. (Invited paper) concept.ps.gz (25k)

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